Digital for professionals

Digital printing has had a place in the graphics industry for a number of years. It does not replace the conventional offset printing, but is complementary.

The greatest advantage of digital printing is that the starting cost for a print job is very low. It ensures that digital printing is interesting for even one copy, so it is usually used for small print runs. For larger print runs the cost per print of digital print jobs is often higher than that of offset. But even then digital printing is sometimes still justifiable, for example to give the product new added value, such as personalisation. Variable data printing (VDP) makes it possible to produce very targeted advertising, with a significantly higher response rate and therefore a lower cost price per reaction.

Our Heidelberg Versafire 4-colour press can print on paper formats up to 33 x 126 cm, which is UNIQUE!  And we can do all of this at the rate of 115 pages per minute, with a resolution of 1200 x 4800 dpi, on paper grammages varying from 52g to 400g.

We help you choose the most economical option, offset printing or digital printing.