Just ask, and we'll get our presses going

Brochures, posters, letter paper, catalogues... We will be delighted to get our presses going to develop your business and upgrade your image. Our printing department is equipped with over 30 Heidelberg printing units of the latest generation. With a range of 1 to 8 colours, and 52 x 36 cm, 60 x 75 cm and 76 x 106 cm formats. Advanced technology, such as the Prinect inline colour control system, guarantees ongoing quality control and a final result that is pleasing to look at.


  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 2 colours: 36 x 52cm
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 5 colours: 76 x 106cm
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 8 colours with reversible print head for 4/4 printing: 76 x 106cm

Inpress control

Prinect Inpress Control is an inline spectrophotometer which very rapidly measures the colour density of the colour control strip every 15 prints (brunner strip). This new system ensures constant quality and more efficient production, as the press no longer needs to be stopped during the measuring process.

Colour management

All Heidelberg presses are operated by highly technical Heidelberg spectral measuring equipment. The system contains spectrophotometric software that reads control elements (mini spots) on the printed sheets and immediately converts them into valuable information that can be used to make automatic adjustments.

Checking mini spots during the printing process ensures much greater reliability. This high-speed software can detect deviations in the printed colour space and take corrective measures in real time. Moreover the analysis of the mini spots is advantageous for our daily calibration of the CTP installations and printing presses as it is no longer necessary to go through the whole calibration and test process. This results not only in consistency in the quality delivered but also in more sustainable production due to the reduction in paper waste, ink consumption, electricity use and so on.