Express, print service right to your door

Printed and delivered, just like that! Our high-quality print deserves a high-quality delivery. Haletra-Leën offers a complete printing service and therefore has an efficient express service. With our large in-house fleet of trucks and vans, we can provide fast deliveries.

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The benefits of having your own logistics service

We can store all printed matter internally under ideal conditions.
It allows us to use short deadlines.
Our communication is very direct and streamlined.
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For quality printing
we go very far

With our express service, we provide a flexible and customer-oriented logistics approach. This includes daily transports within the country and to neighbouring countries. We also work with regular courier partners and provide overnight transport to locations further afield. Even if neutral delivery is required, you can count on Haletra-Leën!

Expert placement, that's
print service!

A high-quality large format print, a perfectly finished panel or a super cool wrapping requires professional and secure placement. At an event, trade fair, shop or office building? Our in-house placement service with experienced professionals ensures that optimal installation on location or on the chosen item to achieve its full potential.

Top prints? We deliver it!
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