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From printing company to multi-printing partner

Having started as a classic printing company, Haletra-Leën is today a multiprinting company offering a wide range of services as a full-service partner.

As versatile as
a Swiss knife

Haletra-Leën is like the world-renowned Swiss knife: with us, you have a lot of services at your fingertips! For example, we are primarily the print specialist for offset printing, digital printing and large format printing. But we also ensure a perfect finish and prompt delivery. In addition, we have plenty of layout, product design and installation expertise.

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Prepress, the perfect run-up

In high jump, the run-up determines the height of the jump... Or in other words, good preparation is half the print job. Prepress - which literally means 'before print' - is therefore essential in the printing process. Between launching a concept and the final printed matter rolling off the press, a lot of important operations take place. Our specialised DTP-team takes care of the layout,

based on the customer’s input and needs. Our customers can of course supply their own digital layout files through various channels. Prepress activities also include project management, thorough checking of print files, preparation of printing plates and setting up the printing presses.

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Offset printing,
classic and high-quality

Offset printing is a printing technique widely used to print high runs and spotcolour printwork quickly. Haletra-Leën has a large capacity to meet all offset printing needs of our customers. Our printing department is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery of the latest generation. This allows us to print a wide range of products such as brochures, posters, stationery or catalogues, but of course also packaging. To ensure the highest quality, we use advanced technology such as the Prinect inline colour control system and Heidelberg spectral measurement equipment. Thanks to these innovative techniques, we can deliver high-quality printed matter with consistent quality.

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Digital printing,
we dig it!

Do you want one item printed or a series? Let's go digital! Digital printing is an attractive option alongside classic offset printing. The low start-up cost is a big advantage. This makes it interesting from as little as one copy and makes top-quality printing accessible for everyone. Even in larger print runs, each copy can be unique and different. Ideal for personalisation with text and images, and variable data printing. Among other things, Haletra-Leën has a cutting-edge digital Heidelberg Versafire 4-colour press with an impressive print speed and super-high resolution, which can handle various paper weights. On top of that, Haletra-Leën has 2 Hybrid Anapurna H2050i LED printers for all your large format printing needs.

Postpress, the cherry on
our printing cake

At Haletra-Leën, we will not be satisfied unless our printwork is truly finished. Our high-quality prints of course demand the right high-quality finish. Post-press is therefore an essential part of the printing process. Do you want a unique design or a special finishing? With our modern print shop and extensive expertise, we not only realise the most creative printing ideas but we can also provide all postpress activities. Cutting, folding, gluing, laminating, sealing, stapling, foiling, punching, stacking, numbering, ... You name it! We provide the right finishing touch!
Need a Print? We are your partner!
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